Spring Valley Chapel

Spring Valley Chapel in Franktown, CO, is a non-denominational fellowship of believers dedicated to the growth of individuals and the church through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the teaching of God’s Word. We welcome people who are unsure about who God is and what their relationship is to Him. We encourage people who know Christ to come and continue their growth with us. We believe that God has placed us in this community in order to make Him available to all and we are committed to the proclamation of His message, the Gospel.

In our church, we believe in teaching and preaching the Bible, the living Word of God. You will not find any warm fuzzy sermons here or philosophical discussions. We believe people deserve to be taught from the Bible because it is relevant for today’s world. People will learn about God and grow in their relationship with Him through hearing His Word. Most often, the sermons will go all the way through a book of the Bible so that people can learn the continuity of what God is teaching them.

Small Group Bible studies are a big part of what we do. We want people to have an opportunity to discuss and learn God’s Word with others. We want an environment where people can ask questions and get credible answers from people who not only have studied the Bible, but live it in their lives.

Your generous donation will enable us to continue to work in the community making God available to all.