GASP of Colorado

The Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution (GASP of Colorado) is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate secondhand smoke from the air you breathe by advocating for smoke-free policies at work, in public places, and in multi-unit housing.

GASP works to educate businesses about the positive economic benefits of smoke-free policies and provides technical assistance and educational resources that lead to smoke-free policies.

GASP’s Goals and Objectives:

1.  GASP’s top priority is to advocate for no-smoking policies in multi-unit communities and provide educational resources and technical assistance to landlords, residents and housing associations.

2.  Increase GASP’s outreach to diverse populations.

3.  Work to further protect Coloradans from secondhand smoke at building entrances and other outdoor public areas such as parks and stadiums.

4.  Oppose any attempts by Big Tobacco to weaken smoke-free policies.

5.  Conduct educational campaigns about the dangers of outdoor secondhand smoke.


Your generous donation will help GASP to insure everyone’s right to breathe smoke-free air.