Nikeno’s Second Chances

Nikeno’s Second Chances (NSC) started as a response to the unfulfilled need for professional assistance during the dog adoption process. While numerous people are willing to adopt shelter animals – many times the combination of untrained dogs and unknowledgeable owners leads to returned or unwanted pets. By giving the dogs structured training before, during, and after home placement – their chances of success are more than quadrupled.

Our founder – Gina Biernat – has over seventeen years in the animal behavioral business. She owns and operates Clearwater Dog Training – a facility that promotes educated owners and educated pets. With this background, NSC was destiny in the making. Gina has had years of exposure to the problems that ultimately fail dogs – and after the passing of her beloved German Shepherd Keno – she felt it was time to act.

“Keno touched so many – I just wanted to help people find forever friends like him. These dogs have it in them – they just need the right second chance.”

In the early part of 2006, NSC received its 501(c)(3). We are working towards upgrading our current facility to include a fenced dog run so that the animals can have time outside off of the leash in a secure environment. Long term – we hope to have the funds to build or buy headquarters that would allow for an even greater number of rescued animals.

At NSC – we try every day to provide the necessary tools for our shelter dogs to lead positive, well-mannered lives in the homes they find themselves in. While all of our dogs are a work in progress – they are more likely to be successful in that endeavor with our help.

Your generous donation will help us give these dogs a second chance.