Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation

The Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation is a non-profit foundation in Denver, Colorado that is bringing awareness of this forgotten disease and also will encourage bone-marrow donors in the Black Community.

One out of 100 African-Americans carries the Sickle Cell Anemia Trait. Our goal is to help families who are lacking financial and medical elements needed to deal with a family member who is diagnosed with the disease. This disease is very fatal if it is not maintained by proper and expensive medicine, and the problem is that most African-American families don’t know where or who to turn to when this unfortunate situation occurs. Our organization will enable them to find financial help either from the private or government entities.

Our mission is to educate the African-American family on how to deal effectively with the medical aspect of the disease, and also to deal with the emotional implications associated with this disease, which does not have a cure.

We also want to educate doctors abroad where there is a large majority of black populations on how to test for the malady, how to read the symptoms, and finally how to treat the malady effectively, because until now, there is no cure for this disease. We will create an awareness network in Denver, Colorado, and around the State for anybody. Even if anyone in the world has a question for our doctors who are specialists in Sickle Cell disease we will answer them. Also, we welcome doctors who live in developing countries and do not have the technology, but want to know how to treat the disease with what they have in their countries; our doctors here can advise them through our 24-hour support network.

The Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation depends upon the support of the community. Your donation will allow the Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation to continue to provide services to the Colorado community and ensure that these services continue for future generations. Thank to generous people like you, the Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation has continued to help those who unfortunately suffer from Sickle Cell Anemia.