Franklin Community Church

Franklin Community Church is a non-denominational Church in Franklin, Indiana (Johnson County).  We began as a daughter church of the Community Church of Greenwood in 1985.  From the beginning, FCC has tried to be a church that values two things: people, and the Word of God.  Free of denominational strictures, the church has strived to understand how to best bring people into a deeper knowledge of God through the Bible and has experimented with ways of doing that.  Three distinctive marks the church in this regard: expository preaching, age-appropriate teaching, and small groups that help apply biblical truths in practical ways.

Today, FCC continues to try to honor God and advance His kingdom by preaching, teaching, worship, fellowship, evangelism, and prayer.  These tasks may seem ordinary and inglorious to the world, and will never make the front page of the New York Times (or even The Daily Journal); but God hides glory in the mundane, and wraps the eternal in the every-day. By His grace we will keep at it.