Aurora Mental Health Center

Aurora Mental Health Center is a private, nonprofit organization that has been serving the City of Aurora with a wide range of mental health services since 1975. We utilize proven programs and methods for helping people cope with mental illness and attain good mental health. We also provide education, coaching and wellness services to help people remain emotionally health no matter what circumstances may arise.

In 2016, our 520 full and part-time staff, who speak 73 languages, served more than 25,000 individuals of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Our $50 million dollar budget supports services to our clients, 70% of whom live at or below the federal poverty level and 21% of whom are uninsured. Our highly qualified therapists, psychologists, nurses and psychiatrists provide individual, group and family counseling, medication-focused care, crisis services, and a variety of supportive services that help families navigate the challenges they face in their lives. Services are provided through 46 unique programs in 13 counseling centers, 10 residential facilities, 13 sites integrated with primary medical care, in public schools, through county human service departments, in criminal justice settings, in homes and foster homes, and at other community locations. Aurora Mental Health Center responds to emergencies and crises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our walk-in crisis center, in our Crisis Stabilization Unit, and through mobile crisis response in the community.

To learn more about Aurora Mental Health Center and how to support our cause, visit them online at www.aumhc.orgor follow them on Facebook or Twitter. To donate a vehicle to Aurora Mental Health Center, fill out the online donation form or call our 24/7 call center. Car donations are quick and easy and provide Aurora Mental Health Center with valuable support that helps our community.