MaxFund Animal Shelter

MaxFund is a non-profit organization established in May 1988 as a no-kill shelter.  It began with an injured dog needing extensive medical care and no owner to pay, and Dr. Bill Suro and his devoted wife Nanci.   We take in and nurture any animal with no known owner and find homes for sick or injured animals once they have recovered.

Since our inception through December 2011, MaxFund adopted 25,325 animals and spayed/neutered 47,051 animals. Thank you for your support in making a difference in the lives of many in our community!

We are growing and have been fortunate to receive many wonderful donations and estates, which we have turned into capital improvements.  We plan to build a new shelter and follow our mission in saving injured animals without owners.

The future will change us but not our goals. The nature of our work, and the nature of the kind of people who make that work possible, will keep us working hard to alleviate the suffering of creatures that didn’t deserve their fate, and to find a home for them with loving people. We believe in second chances. No matter how large we become we get, in a real sense we will always be “the small shelter that makes a big difference.”