Second Wind Fund

Second Wind Fund has built an innovative program to match children and teens, ages 19 years and younger, who are at risk for suicide, with a licensed therapist in their local community. While other suicide prevention organizations offer broad suicide prevention education and awareness, Second Wind Fund provides access to actual treatment services. Referrals are typically made by school mental health staff (e.g. School Counselors, Social Workers, or Psychologists) and sometimes by other mental health professionals. Home-schooled youth or those no longer attending school are also eligible. If the referred youth is at risk for suicide and does not have adequate insurance or the means to pay for the necessary mental health treatment, the cost of therapy is paid for by the Second Wind Fund. We believe that all communities and people are affected by suicide and that open, honest communication about the pervasiveness of suicide is critical to reducing its incidence. Since 2002, we have provided life-saving services to over 6,000 children/youth!