ONE Freedom

ONE Freedom offers service members, veterans and military families a powerful framework of education and training that builds strength, resilience and a clearer understanding of how to maintain balance in the face of military deployments and other lifestyle challenges. Taught by a dynamic team of field experts, military and civilian, ONE Freedom programs guide participants in exploring strength through effective skills and balanced living, and provide tools and resources for on-going personal learning and growth.

We each have one essential and fundamental freedom: the freedom to choose how we respond to and integrate our life experiences. This choice can make us stronger and more capable or lead us into struggle. ONE Freedom programs provide a clear path to personal empowerment that supports each person’s freedom to choose.

ONE Freedom provides education on the brain and body’s natural response to stress, training on how to self-regulate intense life experiences, and resources for developing a powerful road map of self-mastery. Backed by science, research and extensive experience, ONE Freedom offers audiences effective methods and simple life skills that promote strength through balanced living.

ONE Freedom’s vision is to awaken individuals, families and communities to the effects that subtle, chronic and acute stresses have on our lives. Through the power of media, direct trainings, research and educational programs, ONE Freedom is a national resource for the transformation of stress and trauma, and is thereby a catalyst for strength and healing.

Your generous donation will help us to continue our effort to provide to empower individuals serving our country.