Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral

Before Colorado became a state or even a territory, before the City of Denver was incorporated, our congregation was founded during the Colorado gold rush as the Church of Saint John in the Wilderness. Today Saint John’s remains a vibrant congregation rooted in our history and continues its tradition of living on the frontier.

We are the Cathedral Church of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. As a Cathedral, Saint John’s is the seat of the Bishop of Colorado. The Cathedral is also a church for the City of Denver, a home for Episcopalians throughout the state, a leading congregation of the Episcopal Church and an active participant in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Saint John’s Cathedral is a charter member of the Progressive Christian Alliance of Colorado (PCAC), an affiliation of Front Range churches who practice an open and loving message of Christ. The PCAC is an education-oriented group with no political affiliations whatsoever and now encompasses 26 religious organizations across six different Christian faiths.

We believe God is calling each of us into relationship with God and with each other. We are a community of communities, a large congregation with a place for everyone. We include children and youth in all aspects of our Cathedral life. We care for one another and reach out to those in need. We are a place for questions and rediscovery, stillness and growth. We are welcoming and inclusive of all.

Your generous donation will help us continue our mission “to know Christ and to make Christ known.”