Jarrow Montessori School

Jarrow Montessori, a not-for-profit, private school and the oldest Montessori school in Colorado, was founded over forty years ago in 1964. The original founders, Christopher and Margot Brauchli, Florence Lennon, James and Prudence Scarritt, Andor Toth, Gary and Margaret Stahl, and Hardy and James Frank wanted a quality Montessori experience for their children.

Jarrow began as a preschool of twenty-one children operated out of the Sunday School wing of the First Christian Church in Boulder. In 1966, Jarrow moved to its present 3-acre site in North Boulder. Soon after that in 1969, Jarrow added kindergarten classes and expanded to 120 students.  Then, in 1974, Jarrow expanded to include an elementary program.  Today, Jarrow continues up to the sixth grade. The school’s enrollment now looks forward to over 190 students from ages 18 months through the 6th grade.

At Jarow Montessori School, we are committed to academic excellence grounded in Montessori principles.  We conduct ourselves with professionalism,.  We encourage diversity and do not discriminate. Jarrow strives for economic, ethnic, cultural and individual diversity. We provide a safe environment.  Additionally, we encourage family involvement and promote open, honest communication.