Denver Street School

The Denver Street School (DSS) offers struggling students a second chance to earn a high school diploma through a fully accredited program in a small classroom setting.  A Denver Street School Car Donation provides financial support to those in need.

We are a 501c3, private high school that is 100% privately funded, and the alternative school of choice for many public school counselors, probation officers, and social work agencies. We believe that a quality education is the most effective way to transform the life of a struggling student into a productive citizen. Sometimes what they need the very most is for a caring adult to show them a better future.

We operate three campuses: The East Campus in Aurora and the West Campus in Lakewood, both of which are in the heart of inner-city neighborhoods. And Hope Academy, which serves area girls coming out of the sex trafficking industry.

For 32 years, we’ve served the at-risk population of students in the Denver metro area. Our program meets them right where they are and provides a personalized educational plan to meet their specific and unique needs.

During the time they spend at DSS, we not only educate them in biology, algebra and medieval history, but we also help them analyze and overcome their past while opening their eyes to future possibilities. Students will :

… acquire tools to problem solve and set goalsDenver Street School Car Donation During Colorado Gives Day

… identify and overcome negative habits

… have a vision for a positive future

… work to develop and maintain healthy relationships

… know the Gospel and understand how to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ

… find and ethically using relevant information from multiple sources

… master all course content

… earn a diploma

We are a fully accredited school with a strong faith-based Christian component, however Christianity is not a prerequisite for enrollment or graduation. While our students will never experience discrimination in the halls of our school, it is our hope they will know and understand the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Most of our students, ages 14-20, have had difficult backgrounds. Their lives are marked by academic failure, substance abuse, abandonment, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, and gang affiliation. Many have criminal records and have had several encounters with the juvenile justice system. The majority exists below the poverty level in families that live on the welfare system and have no precedent for education. One-parent homes prevail, and these youth have exhausted their opportunities to receive education through the public school system. And for most of our students, the Denver Street School is their last hope.

So, what can you do to combat the drop out rate and help at-risk students live positive lives? You can help shift the trajectory of these struggling student’s lives. Your Denver Street School car donation and partnership, will help us provide hope and bright futures… one life at a time.  For more information visit us at