The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary

Our Mission

The mission of The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary is to promote voices from underserved communities and diverse backgrounds, to honor the stories of those who have faced adversity and injustice, and to provide a sanctuary space where these groups will see themselves in literature.

Our Goals

1) Partner within the book publishing industry & with community-focused groups to promote a diverse publishing industry that understands and addresses the recruiting, retention and training hurdles that limit the participation of underrepresented groups in publishing.

2) Spotlight authors from underrepresented communities & rally for books in which diverse experiences are seen, through a physical bookstore with a collection that reflects diverse backgrounds and by connecting authors from underrepresented groups with knowledge and expertise on book publishing.

3) Connect diverse communities with the publishing industry, by organizing resources and programming that let future industry members from diverse backgrounds navigate among publishing industry roles and find their paths within the industry.

A vehicle donation greatly helps our cause!