Bootstraps, Inc.

Why should you donate your car to Bootstraps? Quite simply, because your gift to Bootstraps will change lives. Your gift will help a first generation college student realize their dream of being the first person in their family to graduate from college. Your gift will allow a college student to study more and work less because they received an interest-free loan to help pay for books and living expenses. Your gift will help a parent to sleep better at night knowing their child's future is brighter. Donate a car and change a life!

In 1945, a group of civic-minded citizens formed Evergreen Scholarship Association to recognize an outstanding graduating senior from Evergreen High School, then the only high school in the Evergreen-Conifer area. Donations from citizens, the high school PTA, and the Evergreen Women’s Club raised $11,000 in seed money. In the spring of 1946, the association awarded two $150.00 two-year scholarships. The number and amount of scholarships increased as contributions grew, and the organization continued to award scholarships in May of each successive year. Since 1945 Bootstraps has awarded almost $4 million in scholarships and interest--free loans to over 1,900 students!