Lutheran High School

Lutheran High School – is a Christian high school that nurtures academic excellence and encourages growth in Christ.

  • A school that God uses to provide an excellent Christian education to the Front Range.
  • A mission-minded school that shares the Gospel with its community.
  • A school that raises up spiritual champions that God will use to seek and save the lost.

What are our core values?
  • We believe that God’s grace is sufficient for all of us through faith, Scripture, and Christ alone.
  • We are rooted in Holy Scripture (and hence, Lutheran theology and doctrine).
  • We are a loving and welcoming community.
  • We believe that teacher student relationships are one of the keys to effective learning.
  • We help kids through their high school experience.
  • We help kids who want to go to college go to college.
  • We provide as much tuition assistance as possible.
  • We provide a safe and structured learning environment – highly relational, Biblically based, and student focused.
  • We partner with other missional organizations.