HIV Care Link Car Donation

Donate your vehicle to HIV Care Link

Did you know that HIV Care Link has been a valuable resource for people affected by HIV in Denver, Colorado for over two decades? We are a community/ministry of friendly Christian folk who are boldly committed to being loving, helpful and sensible :-). When you decide to link with us through your car donation, you are driving HIV Care Link to:

  • Prevent HIV—through individual prevention counseling, and compelling prevention presentations in schools.
  • Support people living with HIV—befriending people while providing practical and pastoral care to lessen the impact of HIV/AIDS.
  • Educate—reduce stigma and call to action through the power of story and education in faith communities.

Please visit us at to learn more about all the great things that you are a part of through your tax-deductible car donation. On behalf of Cars Helping Charities, HIV Care Link and all those who benefit from your gift—thank you for your support!