Veterans Recovery Resources

Not just Veterans.
First Responders, Too.

Police, Firefighters, and EMTs face many of the same traumas as combat in their everyday work. Sometimes, the consequences don’t surface for years. Yet through our peer-to-peer approach, Veterans Recovery Resources help individual municipalities develop the means to identify and mitigate Post-Traumatic Stress in its personnel.


You Have Served Us.
Now It’s Our Turn.

For some, their training equipped them to handle almost any situation—except coming home. If you are a Veteran facing difficulty returning to civilian life, we’re there with empathy and specially-trained professionals. That way, we can help you and your family members find renewed strength and confidence in life.


Addressing The Unique Needs Of Veterans.

When we say ‘By Veterans, for Veterans,’ we mean it. The majority of our staff and administration are made up of those who know what it’s like to serve. And are committed to helping their brothers and sisters in arms know peace.


Committed To Veterans Like You.

Stringent training, deployments, frequent moves and, for some, combat, put unique stresses on our Veterans and their families. Our team of health professionals created a unique approach that speaks to a unique set of mental wellness challenges.