KAFM Community Radio

KAFM Community Radio has been a success since its start in 1999 for this simple reason: We provide a place where local folks can program alternative music genres ignored by the commercial stations, a place that is accessible by all people and organizations with something to contribute to their community, a place where all viewpoints are welcome, and treated with respect.  Simple really…but increasingly hard to find in a media environment that seems to promote discord and polarized agendas over civil discourse and reason.

Beyond Radio is a group of programs that look to the future for our organization.   We envision a time when Grand Valley Public Radio Co. is an organization that owns and operates a radio station as just one of its many cultural resources and projects. These projects collectively will help keep KAFM vital and unique to our local community as well as a growing a community of support on the Internet.  Our current projects include Concerts, Learning Series, The Gallery, Radio Room Rental, Community & Short Programs, and the Annual KAFM Art & Other Treasures Live Auction.

What began as a vision in 1992 by a small group of dedicated and civic-minded citizens has now been lifted up by the whole community.  Businesses, individuals and foundations have all joined together to keep KAFM strong and independent.  KAFM survives almost entirely from local resources.  Your generous donation will enable us to continue to serve our community.