Bags Of Fun


Deliver a Bag of Fun to every sick child whose health and happiness is
both compromised and threatened.


We exist to bring joy, laughter and relief to every child fighting a life
threatening disease or condition.

What began as a mother’s wish to offer a playful respite for her daughter fighting brain cancer has become the motivation to help reclaim the innocence of childhood for those that that are threatened by the realities of their medical condition. Gabby was an amazing six-year old who died in September 2004 after a courageous 19-month battle with brain cancer. Gabby loved to play and her zest for life made an unbearable situation bearable. Her Bag of Fun, the original Bag, filled the hospital hours and brought her some happiness. She wanted the other kids to have the same experience. We have learned that while toys and games are fantastic, there is a power in the Bag that is immeasurable. It brings relief, joy and a sense that someone understands. It brings a smile in the midst of yet another needle poke. It brings an understanding that we care about these kids and their need to smile, laugh, be silly and play jokes.

The signature project of the Gabby Krause Foundation is Bags of Fun. A Bag of Fun is a brightly-colored, cheery backpack filled to the brim with age-specific electronic games, toys and activities practical for a hospital setting. Bags of Fun exists to bring joy, laughter and relief to every child fighting a life hreatening disease or condition. Each Bag of Fun is custom built for the child, based on the specific requests from the hospital coordinators. The total cost to deliver an individual Bag of Fun is $1059. By giving children and their families a Bag of Fun, the Gabby Krause Foundation is living up to a dream set by a young girl. A girl who knew the impact a simple toy, game or puzzle could provide. Bags of Fun bring rehabilitative play to children fighting for their health and happiness. Play has been proven to impact recovery and reduce tension, anxiety and fatigue during their individual treatment.

For more information on how to give to bags of fun visit their website. For a Bags of Fun Car Donation click the link to the right and help support this amazing charity.