Frequently Asked Questions

How do I partner with Cars Helping Charities?

If your organization is interested in partnering with CHC, please fill out this form and one of our team members will reach out as soon as possible.

What is your organization’s mission?

Our mission is to simplify car donation for the betterment of nonprofits across the country. By handling the logistics, marketing, and paperwork associated with vehicle donation, non profit organizations are able to focus on more important things. We want our mission to help fuel your mission!

How can you help me with donor acquisition?

CHC takes the gruntwork out of donor acquisition and donating vehicles for your nonprofit. Quite literally, we do all the heavy lifting for you! This is acheived through organizing the logistics of pickup, filing important paperwork, and strategically marketing your non profit through emails, social media, and SEO.

Why should my nonprofit choose CHC?

Cars Helping Charities has been in the non profit realm for over 15 years, assisting organizations in acquiring donors with everything from marketing to logistics. We’ve developed a cutting edge system to simplify the process of car donation. Our goal is to maximize awareness and payout for our non profit partners while minimizing stress and improving donor acquisition. Vehicle donations are a great way to supplement your current fundraising efforts.

What kind of support does CHC offer for donor acquisition?

CHC offers 24/7 support through various call centers. Our agents are equipped to answer any questions your donors may have before, during, or after acquisition. Additionally, donors and organizations can reach out to us directly through our contact us form or at 866-701-2277.

How does getting a car donated work?

Our car donation program is designed to accept vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Boats, collector cars, ATVs – you name it! We tap into an extensive network of tow companies to ensure towing is free of charge to all donors across the U.S. These companies are vetted for quality before ever interacting with your donors. Finally, our Vehicle Donation Cloud runs an algorithm on donated vehicles to optimize your revenue. Our focus on data analytics is a premium feature that many vehicle donation organizations lack, and something that will make acquiring donors for your non profit easier than ever.

Who handles tax documents if we choose to partner with you?

Our system saves you time and stress by creating, filing, and distributing all required tax documents to the IRS. We also process all vehicle titles as a registered motor vehicle dealer.

Does CHC help me market my nonprofit?

We are happy to offer marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to ensure your nonprofit is at the top of the list when it comes time for someone to donate their car. Working with your web team, we design a completely integrable, co-branded page where donors can fill out a form for their vehicle. This page will complement your organization’s current website alongside strategic social media efforts, newsletters, and email funnels.

How much of the proceeds will my organization receive?

Our nonprofit payout agreements vary by location, size, and types of donations. We work with organizations in establishing an agreement that allows you to receive the vast majority of the donated vehicle’s value.

What fees are associated with partnering with CHC?

Typical expenses for organizations include towing fees, auction fees, repair costs (if needed), and car processing fees. Our proprietary software determines where to get the most value from a donated vehicle, net of expenses. This allows us to provide a higher net number to your organization no matter what the payout. For more information about proceeds, please call us at 866.701.CARS (2277).