Lakewood Legacy Foundation

The Lakewood Legacy Foundation is a community trust started in 1986 by two local businessmen, Wilbur Rogers, and Mark T. Starr, who saw an urgent need to renovate and expand the local senior activity center, Clements Community Center  (a second home to thousands of seniors).   A fundraising campaign was launched and the enthusiasm of local individuals and businesses made the project an overwhelming success.

The reality of providing additional services at a higher quality to more seniors inspired the community to join together to help meet the needs of other worthy programs requiring financial assistance.  So began the mission of Lakewood Legacy Foundation: to raise money and provide grants for projects and programs that enhance the well-being of the people in Lakewood.

Lakewood Legacy Foundation works in conjunction with other local organizations to assist a wide range of non-profit programs and services in the Lakewood community that are unable to receive funding through traditional sources.  It is our goal at Lakewood Legacy Foundation to raise money to fund grant requests; to be administratively self-sustaining, and to enhance community recognition and awareness of the Lakewood Legacy Foundation to both donors and recipients.

In memory of Rogers and Starr, a volunteer board of trustees knowledgeable of the Lakewood community was formed to manage the non-profit community trust and carry on their legacy.  The Donors to the Foundation include many Lakewood businesses and civic-minded individuals.  The Board of Trustees is a cross-section of the Lakewood community.  The recipients are Lakewood seniors, teens, families, and cultural organizations.