Boys To Men Of Colorado -- Threshold Passages

Teenage boys need good men as role models and mentors to help them see options and weigh consequences, and to support them without judgment. Using group mentoring, the men and older teens of Threshold Passages Inc. (TPI) provide a safe place for boys to build trust in others and themselves, learn tools for emotional clarity, explore family system issues, discover their goals and take action to fulfill them.

Journey to Manhood creates a unique place where boys between the ages of 12 and 17 can regularly interact with dedicated, conscientious adult men with the understanding that each boy can become the man he wants to be. Journey to Manhood helps boys discover their own individual strengths, talents and gifts. Caring men model positive masculine behavior and challenge boys to act responsibly to others and themselves. Equipped with this information, boys can then develop positive life skills and goals that can be expressed in their lives and shared within their community.