Geneva Glen Camp

"It is the mission of Geneva Glen to provide a safe, loving, atmosphere full of rich traditions where children and young adults develop a love of nature, create life-long friendships, and enrich their character, values, and leadership, inspired by dedicated and caring leaders who model exemplary conduct."

Geneva Glen's atmosphere is one of love and acceptance, wholesome fun, encouraging creativity and individual accomplishments, assuming responsibilities, and cooperating with others. Campers and staff members develop their mental, social, physical, and spiritual dimensions through activities that include drama, arts-and-crafts, archery, athletics, nature, and environmental education, as well as adventuresome activities such as rock climbing and rappelling. Geneva Glen's unique and compelling themes, including American Heritage, Knighthood, World Friendship, and Myths and Magic, create a vibrant atmosphere encircling the camp activities. In addition to learning and having fun, our goals include empowering our participants to live at their highest level and to enrich their home communities by demonstrating what they have learned at Geneva Glen. We believe that lives are bettered at Geneva Glen. Accordingly, we encourage campers and staff members to benefit from more than one season, if at all possible. A car donation to Geneva Glen can help support the camp provide these rich experiences to many campers for years to come.