PAALS for life

PAALS for life is an organization of people and animals living together on DreamPower Ranch in southeast Douglas County, Colorado, and our new facility, our ranch in Union County, New Mexico. Its purpose is to provide sanctuary, therapy, and comfort to the unwanted, such as the disabled, the abused, and the elderly – “whether they have paws, hooves, claws, or fingers”.

It started off as a forever home for the senior animals who had nowhere to go when discarded, who otherwise would be dead sooner than their true time. Then came the difficult or impossible-to-adopt dogs and cats, even horses, mules, and donkeys who needed time either to heal and then find a new home, or time to live out their lives safely.

Soon entering the picture were the homeless people , men and women in transition, They also were damaged souls seeking a refuge. Some stayed for a while, some for the rest of their lives. The people serve the animals’ needs: the animals respond with unconditional love, the circle is synergistic.

PAALS stands for People And Animals Living Synergistically. It is a program of The Dreampower Foundation – a (501) (c3). Diane Benedict is its founder and Executive Director.

Dreampower Ranch, Colorado, is the major reception area for PAALS and also gives sanctuary to the four-legged – the hourses, donkeys, mules and cattle plus the numerous farm animals. Dreampower Ranch II, New Mexico, provides a safe and comfortable retirement home for the unadoptable dogs and cats. PAALS accommodates all in need to the best of its abilities and resources. It is funded totally by donations and is staffed entirely by volunteers. If it cannot directly respond to a challenge, it will network with whomever to solve the problem.

PAALS sole mission is to be of service, therapeutically, to animals and people on the unique and naturally serene Dreampower Ranches.

In order to maintain a high quality of life for all the residents in The PAALS program, we are constantly in need of donations of all kinds. Monetary donations go directly to vet and medical bills, maintenance and upkeep of the animals’ facilities, fencing, hay, feed, farrier and on and on. We are deeply appreciative for each and every dollar. We cannot continue our work without your generous support and help.