Center For Spiritual Living - Santa Cruz

Center for Spiritual Living Santa Cruz has been part of the Santa Cruz community for over 50 years. We are an Interspiritual-Judeo-Christian-Transcendentalist movement teaching the power of our minds and our hearts to create our reality. Over the years hundreds of people have found a spiritual home under our roof. We hold classes, workshops and a Sunday celebration service where we provide spiritual tools for personal and global transformation. Our purpose is to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence and our vision is a world that works for everyone.

We believe in the divinity of all life and at the center of every human being one can find God. Through study and spiritual practice, individuals learn how to discover and reveal their own authentic expression of their true Divine nature. As Mahatma Gandhi said so beautifully “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Once we rediscover who we are, we then do our part within our human family, participating in life as healthy high functioning spiritually centered individuals, to create a life that works for ourselves and helping others to do the same. The values we share with Centers for Spiritual Living worldwide are captured perfectly in our Global Vision Statement:

The Global Vision
We see a world that works for everyone
• Where ALL LIFE is honored as expressions of the DIVINE
• Where PEOPLE live according to spiritual TRUTH
• Where HUMANITY AWAKENS to spiritual magnificence
• Where humanity rediscovers personal CREATIVE POWER
• Where we live as ONE GLOBAL FAMILY
• Where KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE prospers
• Where UNITY & CONNECTION is emphasized
• Where FORGIVENESS is the norm
• Where SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE is valued
• Where we are called to CONSCIOUS SOCIAL ACTION
• Where people have enough food, homes and a sense of BELONGING
• Where there is PEACE, HARMONY and JUSTICE for all.
• Where RESOURCES ARE VALUED, cared for, and SHARED
• Where communities are meaningfully involved in SERVICE TO THE WORLD
• Where there is a renewed emphasis on BEAUTY, NATURE, CREATIVITY, ART and AESTHETICS

Your generous car donation will enable us to continue the great work of awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence and creating a world that works for everyone.  Your car donation will directly impact the Santa Cruz local community by helping us with infrastructure and staffing so we may serve others.  We invite you to explore and learn more about the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Cruz by visiting our website.