Joyful Orange Productions

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Founded by Phyllis Hampton, Joyful Orange Productions, Inc. (JO) is a 501(c)3 organization that achieved nonprofit status in February of 2006. Phyllis started JO with a deep-rooted desire to make a difference in the world by serving children.

Joyful Orange develops focused projects that actively represent its children-centered mission and vision. Employing creative expression and festive, often humor-based, fundraising functions, JO demonstrates how the spirit of giving and serving contribute to the sense of community that bolsters public awareness and involvement. Ultimately, JO exercises joy to transform our relationships with one another and the world.

JOP works in three ways

  1. In conjunction with other children-focused organizations that share our vision of raising awareness and providing health-sustaining resources to children.
  2. Provides public educational programs and workshops that tend to children’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.
  3. Seeks to confirm a common perspective; that all children are important and that by working together in the spirit of unity and joy we can improve their lives, no matter the circumstances.

Our mission is to serve, celebrate, and nurture the children of the world. Our vision is to help create a world where all children are able to achieve the joy of their fruitful potentials.

Joyful Orange is committed to fostering the wisdom, love, and creativity that are innate within each child by developing educational programs, service projects, and special events focused on their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.  Our current projects and donation needs include:

Raise Me Up – Help provide the necessary resources for JOP’s Raise Me Up Projects

Raise Me Up Tibet – Provide life-sustaining supplies for orphanage and village children of Tibet

Raise Me Up Nepal – Provide the essentials for school in Nepal such as books and other school supplies

Dark Moon Project – Assist Joyful Orange in making a difference in the lives of sexually exploited and trafficked children/youth

Music Scholarships – Provide instruments and lessons for piano and violin students

General Fund – Assists Joyful Orange in meeting business expenses in order to provide a solid philanthropic foundation for its projects.

Joyful Orange provides opportunities for people of all ages to make a difference in the lives of our children and to be a part of bringing humanity together as a healthy family.  Won’t you consider making a donation to help us serve these children in need?