VIA (Formerly Special Transit)

Formerly Special Transit, we feel our new name Via represents the wider breadth of mobility services we offer to the community. Via is a full-spectrum mobility manager offering transportation, travel training, mobility options information and referral, and a wide range of community resources. Our services provide a lifeline and, for many, a bridge to the community.  We support resilience, hope, and healthy joyful aging.  That is our work.

The ability to move is a universal human need. Mobility is not a car or a bus – it’s the feeling of freedom that comes from knowing you can move when and where you want. We believe all people have a right to easily access the mobility options they need to enhance their independence and quality of life. Via is a nonprofit organization that provides our customers with transportation and mobility options that enable them to live a more self-sufficient and independent life. Mobility for life.

Your generosity helps thousands of people with mobility limitations remain independent and self-sufficient.