Mount Evans Hospice

Unfortunately, many consumers suffer from life-threatening medical ailments. The upside, however, is that Mount Evans Hospice is here to help make those in Colorado affected by medical ailments enjoy a much more quality lifestyle than before. By providing services like in-home hospice, and medical and community support to those suffering from these ailments, Mount Evans Hospice helps to reduce the amount of stress involved in driving to medical appointments, looking for financial and emotional support, and everything else that comes along with long-term illnesses.

Also, Mount Evans Hospice understands that when someone comes down with a devastating, life-threatening illness, they are not the only one that is affected. Understanding the effect of illnesses on families of patients, Mount Evans Hospice has developed counseling programs to assist families of patients with getting through such a hard time!

Your Car Donation Helps Drive Mount Evans Hospice

On behalf  of Cars Helping Charities, Mount Evans Hospice and those who’s help will be made available through your car donation, we would like to say thank you in advance for making  the decision to donate a car to such a worthy cause!