Landmark Tabernacle Christian Intervention Program

Project Rescue, a branch of Landmark Tabernacle Christian Intervention Program, was adopted in 1999.  The mission of Project Rescue is to serve our community by increasing awareness of drug/alcohol abuse of adults and youth through education, prevention and modeling a Christian life.

Project Rescue originated in August 1978, by the Spirit of Freedom Ministries – a non-profit Christian organization headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana. They have designed a unique Bible-based program to instruct the drug and alcohol dependent to a life of freedom through Jesus Christ. In 2003, Landmark Tabernacle Project Rescue was developed to offer the Christian Intervention Program (CIP) curriculum, as well as other upcoming courses.

Project Rescue is a provider for TASC. Project Rescue is also a provider for Denver Area Youth Service (DAYS) and a provider for Division of Youth Corrections.

Your generous donation will enable us to reach youth and adults in the community facing drug/alcohol abuse.