Intermountain Humane Society

Intermountain Humane Society was first incorporated in 1982. This “grass-roots” organization arose from a community response to the closure of Park County’s Animal Control Department in 1981. From 1982 until 2002, IMHS operated solely as a rescue organization. There was no permanent shelter facility, so foster homes and a local vet clinic were used to house and care for homeless pets. In 2002 IMHS opened a small shelter facility (our current location in Pine Junction). In addition, we continue to provide foster homes for many of our resident animals.

IMHS’s service area of Park County and southwest Jefferson County, Colorado encompasses 2,300 square miles, yet our efforts to promote the human-animal bond reach much farther.  Certainly, we provide shelter and assistance to homeless pets in our local area. We also network with metro Denver and other Colorado shelters, taking in transfers when we have available space. Since late 2008, IMHS has participated in rescue efforts in Kansas and New Mexico, taking homeless pets out of desperate situations and bringing them in to the IMHS shelter.  Our adopters aren’t geographically limited, either: thanks to the internet, IMHS shelter pets go to their forever homes in Colorado Springs and Cheyenne as often they do to Bailey and Pine.

Throughout our existence, Intermountain Humane Society has depended entirely upon voluntary donations made by individuals and businesses in the communities we serve; we also benefit from grant monies and donations from philanthropic foundations.  Unlike other shelters in our area, IMHS receives no governmental support.

The majority of veterinary services for IMHS residents are donated and/or provided at nominal cost. A paid staff of four, an all-volunteer Board of Directors and a group of dedicated volunteers offer the administrative and technical expertise needed to protect and improve the lives of animals in our care. Your generous donation will help us to fulfill our mission – to serve animals and people by offering programs that promote animal health and responsible pet-stewardship, and foster compassion towards animals.