Mile Hi Church Foundation

The Mile Hi Church Foundation was established in 1983. The purpose of the Mile Hi Church Foundation is to provide the long lasting financial stability of Mile Hi Church through building and maintaining endowment funds.

The Mile Hi Church takes pride in teaching:

…that the basic principles of Science of Mind and Spirit are Love and Law.

…that there is only one power, the power of Love which is the power of God, and that there is an all-powerful Law that responds to our thinking.

…that Spirit is the Source of our ever flowing, unlimited good and Its nature is to give. But it can only give as much as we are open to receiving. This is the spiritual Law of Attraction.

…much, much more!


On behalf of Cars Helping Charities, Mile Hi Church and all those effected by the efforts of the Mile Hi Church, we would like to say thank you in advance for deciding to donate your vehicle to such a worthy cause!