Seniors’ Resource Center


A car donation to Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) supports 36 years of encouraging the concept of growing older with independence and dignity. We all want to grow older but, we all want to be happy about it too.  SRC provides Adult Day services in a beautiful building with an abundance of activities. Our transportation fleet provides door to door service for safety, while our in home care and care management services offer that special touch that inspires trust.  Society as a whole is growing older too. This phenomenon is taxing our younger generations who must now be caregivers to their children and their parents.  Schedule your car donation to Seniors’ Resource Center toady using our online form.


Seniors’ Resource Center is a community partner providing person-focused, coordinated services to enhance independence, dignity and quality of life.


The Seniors’ Resource Center will continue to ensure quality of life through a constellation of services, information, advocacy and leadership to meet the needs of the community enabling individuals to age in the place they call home.

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