Victim Outreach Incorporated

Victim Outreach Inc. of Jefferson County Colorado, offers comprehensive support services to victims of crime and/or trauma. Primary clients include those who have been impacted by criminal acts or non-crime related traumatic events such as suicide, SIDS death, fatal car accident, or natural disaster.  Services are also provided to secondary victims – family members or witnesses who were seriously impacted by the trauma.

A core concept of VOI services is the empowerment approach. This means that we offer information, support, options, and possible consequences for different choices, but we do not make choices for the victims we serve. We support them in determining the direction of their own lives and developing their own natural support systems.

VOI provides a bridge to law enforcement and other services for the family. We offer moral support, and help develop plans to attain basic needs, intercede with employers and other service providers and eventually connect to the resources necessary to transition to safety.

Because we provide ongoing, non-judgmental assistance, victims are more likely to stay connected with VOI and to continue to access support, even when they are re-connected with their offenders.

Your generous donation will give hope to people impacted by crime and trauma as they strive to lead healthy, productive and inspired lives.