Inspire Creative

Inspire Creative is an artist-directed, non-profit arts organization with a heart to encourage individuals to discover their artistic talents, develop them in a safe atmosphere that encourages growth rather than ego, and provides them with opportunities to use those talents through exceptional performances, service, training, and community.

Inspire Creative, Inc. was founded in August of 2007 with the goal of providing opportunities for all creative people to have a place to use their gifts and grow in a safe atmosphere that places “people above program” and celebrates family, integrity, moral value, and respect for others. To achieve this, Inspire Creative exists with a three-fold focus on training, performance, and community.

There is a growing gap left by reduced funding for the arts in our culture. Inspire Creative fills this void felt by artists by providing a safe haven for families in the community who are searching for wholesome entertainment. For the instructors and guest clinicians, Inspire offers an opportunity to bring their life experiences to the next generation of artists in a unique educational setting. Inspire teaches not only about technical skill, but speaks to participants as wonderful, creative beings, full of potential. By investing in artists, Inspire Creative validates their desires and skills while enriching the artistic tapestry of the community through high-quality education and presentations. Inspire connects artists to their areas of strength and launches them into the community as ambassadors for their chosen artistic disciplines.