Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives

Open Door’s most important goal is to prevent kids from ever joining gangs. Open Door has developed successful programs with elementary and middle school-aged children that focus on prevention.   Our programs are tailored for schools, corporations, other non-profit agencies, law enforcement agencies and civic groups.  The programs seek to educate people and the community on the signs revolving around gang recruitment, violence, and involvement. In addition, Open Door also spearheads a program with the State of Colorado, Department of Corrections that aims to reduce recidivism among gang-affiliated parolees.

From its inception, Open Door was created to fill an urgent community need to build a community-based program that addressed and alleviated the devastating effects of escalating gang activity and violence. In recent years, Open Door has adjusted its focus to a preventive posture in an attempt to address the larger socioeconomic issues that surround the problem of gang violence. Open Door is seriously focused on prevention by providing alternative choices, understanding opportunities, and presenting new realities for a healthier lifestyle for urban youth and gang-affiliated parolees.

By working with at-risk children, Open Door accomplishes its mission by utilizing a combination of in-school and after-school programs, community outreach, and summer programs.   Through the implementation of its various sub-programs, over 100 elementary-aged children receive intensive tutoring, character education and recreational programs. Parents receive monthly parenting classes and also participate in home visits.

Open Door is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, community-based, non-law enforcement organization. As such, it depends solely on the donations from private individuals, corporations and foundations. We are extremely grateful to those in our community who share our vision of helping to curb gang-related violence and gang recruitment activities in the Denver Metropolitan Area.

Although we are realistic about the incredible size of the problem, we know that every life we touch is a step closer to the solution. Your generous donation can help us change a life! Change a neighborhood! Change the direction of the next generation! It is not too big a problem when we work together to save one kid at a time.