Stanley British Primary School

For over 40 years, Stanley British Primary School’s K-8 classrooms have been filled with engaged learners guided by inspired teachers. We carefully blend an academic program grounded in fundamental skills with attention to each child’s social/emotional development. Our British Primary philosophy promotes the simple notion that when students enjoy what they’re doing and take an active role in their education, learning truly becomes a joy and a lifelong endeavor.

We center our academic program around our 7 Goals for Learners:  Self-Awareness, Collaboration, Respect, Curiosity, Perseverance, Academic Resourcefulness, and Lifelong Learning. Not only are these qualities fundamental to British Primary classrooms, but they also align with 21st-century learning outcomes. The success of our graduates speaks for itself. We give each of our students the foundation to pursue higher learning and personal passions with confidence.

Your generous donation will continue the special brand of curiosity that is distinctive to our school.