SafeSpace Children's Advocacy Center of the Gorge

In partnership with local law enforcement and social and medical professionals, SafeSpace Children's Advocacy Center of the Gorge is a front-line responder to reports of child sexual and physical abuse, witnessing violence, and other serious maltreatment of children in the Columbia River Gorge.

SafeSpace is the Gorge’s only nonprofit organization that coordinates the efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical experts, and mental health clinicians under one roof. Our staff:

  • Facilitates our partners’ collaborative response

  • Conducts medical assessments

  • Conducts forensic interviews

  • Provides child and family advocacy and crisis intervention services

  • Coordinates and makes referrals to mental health therapy

All of our services are aimed at reducing trauma so that children and families may begin the healing process. SafeSpace services are free of charge to every client.

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