Jacksonville Humane Society

The Jacksonville Humane Society is a non-profit, no-kill animal adoption and education center, in continuous operation since 1885.  JHS serves as a resource to the community for all companion-animal related issues. Connecting ONE-OF-A-KIND PETS with ONE-OF-A-KIND HOMES.

We will do the right thing for each animal and the right thing for each person who needs assistance from JHS.

Our Programs and Services:

  • Adoptions – approximately 4,000 per year
  • Pet receiving (owner relinquishment)
  • Animal Behavior Programs, Behavior help line, Puppy training classes, Dog manners classes
  • Humane Education programs – reaching over 9,000 school students and adults at schools, workplaces and special events
  • Foster Program – including assistance for the homeless, allows over 2,100 animals to be in loving foster homes until they are ready for adoption
  • Transfer Program – welcoming approximately 2,000 animals per year from other shelters
  • Rehoming page on website – offering alternatives to owners who wish to adopt out their animal without relinquishing to a shelter
  • Spay or neuter approximately 2,500 homeless pets per year
  • Perform more than 3,900 medical procedures other than spay/neuter