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Free Easy Setup

Setting up your Goodwill car donation program takes less than an hour and is always free.  Our car donation specialists do all the heavy lifting and walk you through the simple process.  No need for lot space, overhead, or logistics.

Special Pricing

We utilize technology to provide the most efficient car donation programs in the country.  Our special pricing for our Goodwill partners gives an industry leading payout to all Goodwill Organizations regardless of size or car volume.  Donors love to hear that!

Giving Cars To Goodwill

Car donations are a great add-on to traditional charitable giving methods. Give your donors an additional way of supporting you, without any additional costs, staffing or time.  Most donors think of Goodwill when donating items and car donations are no exception.

Nationwide Sales Network

We’ve developed a network of nationwide auction yards, scrap dealers, recyclers and other direct buyers, which means more options to get the best pricing.  Our system automatically scans our network for the best pricing based on the highest gross adjusted sales price to get the most out of each donated vehicle.

Advanced Technology

Technology is at the backbone of our car donation platform.  Our advanced cloud-based, Vehicle Donation Cloud™, is available 24/7 for the processing of vehicles.  Using proprietary developed technology allows us to do more for you with less overhead.  Efficient vehicle processing is key to a successful car donation.


Extensive Reporting

Car donations are very beneficial to Goodwill, however, repeat donors are even more important.  With each donated car we give you extensive and transparent reporting so you know all the details of every donation.  The data we collect can help you target marketing efforts for repeat car donations.

A Turn-Key Platform

Our Turn-Key Car Donation Platform allows your Goodwill organization to operate your own car donation program without the overhead and liability of an in-house program and at a fraction of what solicitors charge.

Advanced Reporting

We pride ourselves on providing our Goodwill partners with a broad amount of data to help them market their programs and increase revenues.  We like to think that quality donor data is as important as the car donation itself.

Proven Process

Our Turn-Key Car Donation Platform has a proven process for delivering value to our Goodwill partners.  With 24/7 live operators, easy online donation widgets and multiple methods of disposition, we operate like a well-oiled machine.

Service & Support

Our level of service and support separate us from other service providers.  We value each and every Goodwill vehicle donation and put donor satisfaction as a top priority.  Happy donors make for repeat donors!

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