Rawhide Rescue

Rawhide Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue organization whose primary mission is to rescue dogs, regardless of their age, medical needs or other conditions.  We rescue dogs who have “fallen through the cracks” in the animal sheltering system left by private and municipal shelters, as well as other pet rescue groups due to the overwhelming number of homeless animals in our communities.

Rawhide Rescue is not a shelter and we are not subsidized. Most shelters receive municipal funding, while Rawhide Rescue operates on adoption fees and donations. All of our members are volunteers, and none of us receives a salary or payment of any kind. Our funds go 100% toward the care of our dogs, primarily for veterinary expenses and occasional boarding fees. Volunteers usually pay the costs for transport, fostering, phone calls, and adoption screening out of their own pockets.

Rawhide’s veterinary bills last year were in excess of $70,000. We take in all types of dogs, young and old, sick and well. We don’t give up on a dog that requires special surgery. We also use donations to help the community by providing people with low-cost spaying and neutering options, microchip clinics and other resources. We make sure that all of our animals have been completely inoculated, dewormed and altered prior to adoption.

Your generous donation is greatly appreciate so we may continue to provide a safe haven for these amazing dogs.