Goodwill Central Coast


Donate a car to Goodwill Central Coast and support your local community.  Goodwill Central Coast began in 1928 in the city of Santa Cruz and has expanded into three counties with sixteen stores. We employ over 460 people, including employment training professionals, sales personnel, donation center attendants, warehouse and distribution workers and administrators.  In 2013, our education and job training division assisted 13,877 people with services that will help them get back to work.

We could not accomplish this mission alone. To deliver our services, we rely on partnerships because clients come to Goodwill with many different barriers to employment. We rely on the community to donate items that can be readily sold in our stores to make it possible for Goodwill to change lives through our programs and services. Last year Goodwill received nearly four hundred thousand donations.  If you donate a car to Goodwill Central Coast you will be supporting your local economy.


Goodwill Central Coast’s role in the community is one of service. Our stated mission is “Goodwill Industries builds lives, families, and communities by helping people with employment needs become successful, supported by innovative enterprises that preserve earth’s resources.” Since our beginning, the range of revenue generating activities and approaches that blend Goodwill’s not-for-profit and for-profit thinking has expanded enormously. Even so, the Goodwill mission remains more relevant than ever. We still believe that work is the mechanism by which people gain dignity as well as financial and personal independence.

Donate a car to Goodwill Central Coast today and help write the success story of someone tomorrow.

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