LifeSpark Cancer Resources

LifeSpark is an innovative non-profit organization that brings holistic care to cancer patients while supporting oncology departments as they incorporate whole person care into standard medical treatment. LifeSpark is volunteer based and operates across the Metro-Denver area.  LifeSpark believes that a calm mind and a comfortable body can transform the cancer experience.   Energy therapies (Reiki and Healing Touch) are holistic, supporting body, mind, and spirit. They complement traditional medical care. For cancer patients, sessions can help reduce fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, and nausea. Participants often report improved mental clarity and a sense of peace and well-being.

Our Vision is to serve those with cancer by offering healing, comfort, and support; to raise the standards of professionalism among energy based therapists and foster cooperation and respect between modalities; to create a climate of mutual respect between medical and complementary professionals; and to serve the medical community in supporting a holistic model of care.

LifeSpark is dedicated to serving individuals and the oncology medical community through education, training, advocacy and delivery of hands-on sessions.