Mile Hi Church

Mile Hi Church has been a spiritual beacon in Colorado since 1960.  A group of visionaries began meeting as a study group, learning and embracing the Science of Mind and Spirit principles. Just over a year later, on March 14, 1960, Mile Hi Church was officially recognized as an affiliated church with the Church of Religious Science.

Mile Hi Church is guided and inspired by these dynamic statements:
Our Vision — Oneness revealed… A world of love, peace, and abundance for all.

Our Mission — To serve as a spiritual beacon for personal empowerment and global enlightenment.

We offer many opportunities to learn and grow.  These include transformational courses, practitioner education programs, major speaker events, educational webinars, concerts, workshops and home study groups.  We also offer a number of ministries at Mile High Church  – Adult, Gay & Lesbian, Making a Difference, Music, Oneness Blessings, Travel, Weddings & Ceremonies, and Youth.