Center For Conscious Living

Center for Conscious Living is known for its inspiration, its universal messages, its bold approach to the unity underlying all faiths and religions, and the emerging interface between science and spirituality.

Our mission is to inspire lives, open hearts and embrace possibilities. Our vision is to live in spiritual partnership, as one global family, for the good of all life. Our commitment is to be the change we want to see in the world. Our purpose is to stand for something and against nothing; to serve as a beacon of light honoring all faiths and walks of life; to support each person in the discovery of self, as a divine spiritual being, having infinite possibilities; to be of service in all that we do.

The Center for Conscious Living serves the greater Baltimore area, offering Sunday worship services, classes in spirituality and children’s programs. All of our work is thanks to your generous support. It is because of our donors that we will continue our vision of creating a world that is good for all and awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence. Please make a donation today!