Healing Warriors Program


WHO WE SERVE: Simply put, The Healing Warriors Program was established 7 years ago to help save Veteran’s Lives. Some wounds aren’t visible. Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Sleep Disorders, Pain and Interpersonal Trauma are some of the leading causes that lead to Veteran suicides, and conventional treatments using opioids only adds to that likelihood. Many of the veterans we see at Healing Warriors Program clinic have been living in pain for so long that their sense of hope is worn down, placing many at risk for suicide. By using non-narcotic therapies that support healing, relief from pain, improved sleep and focus, the service member is able to find restoration for their quality of life, and able to strengthen their role in their communities and careers.  Our mission to provide non-narcotic, integrative treatment, is critical at a time when many veterans are transitioning from opioid pain management and need help with the burden of injury.

WHAT WE DO: We’ve provided over 20,000 no cost and low cost non-opioid pain and trauma clinic sessions between our Fort Collins clinic and monthly Pop Up clinics in Denver, Longmont and Colorado Springs as well as active duty clinics on posts across Colorado treating over 1,500 service members and their spouses, partners and parents.

NATIONAL RECOGNITIONS: We are a Registered VA Vendor and a Guidestar Platinum Star participant charity. Healing Warriors has been the recipient of many prestigious awards from major donors, lending to the importance that Healing Warriors plays in Veterans and their families lives, but that won’t be the case after what the economy is now facing.  Act Corporate Giving, Sorenson Legacy and Newman’s Own are just a few of the amazing entities that chose us to be recipients.