Vehicle Donations To Nonprofits: The Cars Helping Charities Way


Learn more about our donor-centric program and how we make vehicle donations a sustainable source of revenue for thousands of nonprofit organizations. 

Car Donation Programs for Nonprofits


Cars Helping Charities has been working with nonprofit organizations for over 15 years. Our vehicle donation program is built to maximize value and efficiency for all of the nonprofit organizations we have partnered with. We understand how fundraising plays a pivotal role in a nonprofit’s ability to make a positive impact on the communities and causes they serve. Explore exciting fundraising ideas for charity organizations and explore the transformative potential of car donation programs. ​


Industry Leading Marketing Support 

Cars Helping Charities will create a co-branded car donation webpage that is Search Engine Optimized so that donors can easily find you and donate their car. On this webpage, donors find essential information about your cause as well as an easy-to-fill-out form for submitting car donations online. We then work with your web team to build a webpage on your website that links to our co-branded page for a seamless transition when donors look to donate a vehicle. Making your donors aware of your program and actively marketing it on social media, newsletters, email blasts, and an SEO-optimized webpage are all critical factors in the number of vehicles you receive. We work with you on building out that marketing plan so you can drive in car donations on a consistent basis.


Donor Service & Support

We run a series of call centers that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our call center agents are here to support your donors before, during, and after they decide to donate a car to your organization. By focusing on a high level of service, we can provide a positive car donation experience for your donors and create advocates for your program. All donors have access to 24/7 online donation options and support, as well as 24/7 access to speak with a live person.  No matter which way they donate a car to your nonprofit, we provide the same level of care and support through the donation process.


Tax Documents

Our system creates, files, and distributes all required tax documents to donors and the IRS on your behalf. No more messing with paper forms or spending time filing yourself. Our Vehicle Donation Cloud makes quick work of these tasks through automation. In addition to the tax documents, we process and handle all titles as registered motor vehicle dealers. You do not need to worry about accepting or processing titles. This removes liability to your organization and also allows us to work directly with the donors to ensure an accurate transfer of ownership. Fundraisers and solicitors that provide car donation services take in vehicle donations that are targeted to your organization anyways and payout, on average, less than 50% of the proceeds.  We believe that this method for processing vehicles creates a negative perception of donors and costs charities money in the long run. We are proud to tell our donors what we pay each of our nonprofit organizations when they donate their vehicles.