Critter Creek Wildlife Station

The Critter Creek Wildlife Stations first mission is rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife in Tulare, Kings, Fresno and parts of Madera and Kern counties. We respond to calls from the public as well as agencies such as California Department of Fish and Game, Animal Control (Fresno County), Tulare County Animal Control, Valley Oak SPCA, Kings County Animal Control, California Highway Patrol, Fresno County and Tulare County Sheriffs.  We have someone answering the phone over 90% of the time-seven days a week.  Once we receive a call, we dispatch one of our volunteers living in that area.  These runners or first responders pick up the animal and either transport it to the vet or to the facility for care.  At least 30% of our time on the phone is spent educating and advising the public on wildlife and other environmental questions they have.

The second mission is doing educational presentations.  Several times a year we have Open Houses.  Visitors are able to view the wildlife in their native habitat.  There are guides available to answer any questions.  These Open Houses are popular especially for children because they can take their time, run around taking pictures, and learn information about their favorite animal.

The last mission of the facility is to provide a sanctuary for permanently imprinted native and non-native wildlife.  When illegal pets are confiscated, we are asked by law enforcement to give the animal a safe place to live out its life, at the same time protecting the public from harm.  Whenever we can, we use these animals to educate the public about wildlife law and the sad consequences when the law is disobeyed.

A vehicle donation helps the animals!