Hmong First Baptist Church

The Hmong First Baptist Church was formed in 1985, four years after a number of Hmong families moved to Milwaukee and joined the Northwest Baptist Church congregation.  There was a concern for older men and women who do not understand English, let alone, speak it. With increasing Hmong members and a need to preach the gospel in Hmong, Pastor Thomas Biles was inspired to start a Hmong Mission work and break the Sunday worship into two sessions. The Hmong session started early in the morning with Pastor Tom Biles giving the sermon and Pastor Nengmay translating into Hmong. Steve Biles and Mark Schneider taught Sunday School classes and led the worship hymnal. We are indebted to Pastor Tom Biles and the Northwest Baptist congregation for their time and effort in teaching and helping our Hmong members to learn about God week after week year after year.

Pastor Nengmay completed his studies from Lakeland Baptist and was ordained as Pastor and became a full time Pastor.  By the grace of God, more Hmong people are hearing about the church. The members grew steadily. On March 23, 1985, Pastor Nengmay and Northwest Baptist Church established and constituted the Hmong First Baptist Church of Milwaukee.

Your generous donation will enable the Hmong First Baptist Church continue to grow, to complete more missions, and to continue to spread the word of God  in the Hmong community.