Evergreen Lutheran Church

Evergreen Lutheran Church (ELC), a community parish committed to ministry in Evergreen and surrounding communities rejoices in the manner in which diversity has enriched, nurtured and challenged her member’s lives and the ministry they share in Christ. ELC invites all to participate in Sunday Worship where Word and Sacrament are shared without discrimination due to race, creed, sexual orientation or financial status.

Christ is at the center of worship at Evergreen Lutheran Church and her services are spirit-filled and based on God’s Word. As the body of Christ and community of believers, ELC folks come together in response to the grace and love of God. Services are liturgical, inviting and inspiring sending members out into the world to serve those in need.

ELC’s culture is warm and welcoming; members and guests have fun together, they care for one another and make sure everyone feels as though they belong. ELC’s known for her tagline: “All Are Welcome…No Kidding.”

A car donation to the Evergreen Lutheran Church supports vibrant ministry to the glory of God. For more information on our congregation, church services and ministries, please visit our website at http://www.evergreenlutheran.org To donate a car or other vehicle please enter your info using our online form or call our call center at 1-866-701-2277.