A Beautiful Car Donation Story

Posted on: May 9th, 2012

Cars Helping Charities takes in thousands of donations from all over the United States each and every year. However, every once in a while we have the opportunity to track the donation and write about what happened. Well, today is one of those days and there is no other title we can give but, “A Beautiful Car Donation Story”!


The Story

Meet Stephen. Stephen is 27 years old and has had his 1983 ford since he was 20. We know, it’s amazing that some cars last that long! Back to the story… Throughout the past few years, Stephen has really been focusing on his future. He has started savings accounts, created budgets for himself and building his credit. Unfortunately, his old beaut who he liked to call “Big Birtha” broke down for the last time just a little while ago. Knowing that it just wasn’t worth fixing the car again he decided that he would use the financial stability that he had built into his lifestyle to his advantage. He decided to go buy a new car.

When Stephen got to the new car dealership, he fell in love with his new truck. However, the dealership only offered him $300 as trade in value for Big Birtha and he was not inclined to take it. Instead, he figured he would rather give it to a charity that could use that small amount of money to do big things! After searching for “Where to donate a car“, Stephen came across our website! He decided after reading through it that he would donate the car through us to Water For People. When he donated his car, we came and got it 2 days later.

Now meet Aabida. Aabida lives in the war torn country of Iraq. Unfortunately amongst many other necessities water is a scarcity for many in her small community. As a matter of fact, Aabida has to walk with her 2 children to the closest pond to get drinking water. The same pond that is used by the entire community to bathe. This pond has been the reason for countless instances of disease and death. Fortunately however, Water For People was able to provide much needed relief to Aabida and the many people in her community.

One thing that Stephen may never know is that his donation amongst many others given by consumers just like him was the reason Water For People was able to provide Aabida and her community the clean drinking water that they were finally able to enjoy!

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